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2022-2023 Membership Financial Commitment

2022-2023 Your Membership Commitment

We rely on our 300+ member households to cover 90% of our $1 million+ budget. This translates to about $3,000 annually per household.

Several members are able and willing to donate $3,000 (and some much more) to cover our full costs and help underwrite the costs of members with less economic resources. If you are able to do so, please do!

If that is not personally doable, please consider: 

-- $200/month ($2,400 or more) for households with two or more members
-- $130/month ($1,560 or more) for one-member households
-- An increase of at least 10% above your prior year commitment

Please consider a personally-meaningful commitment to support our community.

We welcome commitments at all levels.


Step One: Please note how you would like to pay your Membership Commitment

Step 2: Please enter your donation amount and any comments.

Note: Secure Credit Card or Bank Info, and payment schedule, will appear on next web page.
An Opportunity for One Ask:
We have three opportunities to contribute over the year. If you would like to combine your giving now, we invite you to do so and we won't ask again this year. If you would like to be a "one-ask" donor, please fill out each of the three campaigns listed below with an amount you would like to give. This is not required, rather is a convenience for you. 

Step 3: Please enter or update your contact information.

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783