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2021-2022 Membership Financial Commitment

We are grateful for your support.   

Below are financial guidelines that reflect the needs of Sha’ar Zahav and that we hope are personally doable.  
  • $250/month ($3,000 annually) or more to cover the full cost/household of our budget and to support our economically diverse community  
  • $200/month ($2,400 annually) for households with two or more members
  • $130/month ($1,560 annually) for one-member households 
  • An increase of 10% or more above your prior year commitment
Please select the best option for you. We welcome commitments at all levels. Really.


Step 1:
First, please check to see if you’re signed on to ShulCloud.  If you are, it will say “Welcome, Your Name” on the top right of this page.  If you’re not signed in, click LogIn and enter your email address and then your password.  If your computer didn’t store your password or you forgot it, please email and we’ll set you up.  

Step 2: Before you enter your financial commitment, please choose how you would like to pay using the dropdown below:
Pay by Credit Card or ACH (bank checking) - choose this option if you wish to either:

1. Pay your pledge in full now; or,
2. Set up a payment plan.
This option will require a Credit Card or ACH (bank) routing / account information.
This option eliminates manual administration.  Thank You.

Pay by Check, Phone or Request a Bill - choose this option if you wish to:

1. Pay by mailing a check; or,
3. Have us bill your account for you to pay at a later date; or,
3. Pay by phone by calling 415-861-6932.

Step 2: Please enter your donation amount and any comments.

Note: Secure Credit Card or Bank Info, and payment schedule, will appear on next web page.

Step 3: Please enter or update your contact information.

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782