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2020-2021 Membership Financial Commitment

Thank you for your membership financial commitment.   Please consider our guidelines:
  • $3,000 or more annually to support our economically diverse community; OR
  • 2.5% of your annual gross income (but don’t tell us!); OR
  • $180/month ($2,160) for two-member households; OR
  • $110/month ($1,320) for one-member households; OR
  • An amount that is personally meaningful to you

Before you enter your commitment, please choose how you would like to pay:
Pay Now by Credit Card or ACH - choose this option if you wish to either:

1. Pay your pledge in full now; or,
2. Set up a payment plan.
This option will require a Credit Card or ACH (bank) routing / account information

Pay by Check, Phone or Request a Bill - choose this option if you wish to:

1. Pay by mailing a check; or,
3. Have us bill your account for you to pay at a later date; or,
3. Pay by phone by calling 415-861-6932.

Membership Financial Commitment Pledge

Note: Secure Credit Card or Bank Info, and payment schedule, will appear on next web page.

Member(s) Information

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